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Conservation Easement Consultants

The following professionals assist landowners through the often confusing process of donating a conservation easement. They can help you choose from among the numerous conservation options available to achieve your long-term stewardship goals for the property, determine the likely tax and other financial benefits of the conservation easement and handle many of the details to complete the donation.

Some offer their services for a fee, while others work for you in exchange for the right to handle the sale of land conservation tax credits.

Easement Professionals

BlueLine Conservation Incentives

Ned Carter

703 368-7826



Rebecca McCoy, CPA




Spotts Fain PC

Robert J. Allen

(804) 697-2087

Richmond, VA and Irvington, VA


Virginia Conservation Credit Exchange

Todd Hochrein




Recommended Reading List:

·       Conservation Options: A Landowner’s Guide

·       Preserving Family Lands I and II and III, by Stephen J. Small Esq.


Available from the Land Trust Alliance, tel. 202-638-4725 or