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Conservation Easements

January 16, 2013

To All Concerned Middle Peninsula / Northern Neck Land Preservationists,

We are writing to you with a 2013 Legislative Alert, on both the state and federal levels, that could affect the future of the State Land Presentation Tax Credit Program and the Federal Tax Deduction associated with the gifting of Conservation Easements.

HELPFUL Answers from the Land Trust Alliance

Q.  Was the enhanced conservation easement tax incentive extended?

Conservation Easement Consultants

The following professionals assist landowners through the often confusing process of donating a conservation easement. They can help you choose from among the numerous conservation options available to achieve your long-term stewardship goals for the property, determine the likely tax and other financial benefits of the conservation easement and handle many of the details to complete the donation.

Some offer their services for a fee, while others work for you in exchange for the right to handle the sale of land conservation tax credits.

Easement Professionals

Essex County is undoubtedly one of the Nation’s most historically significant locales, yet like most of Virginia’s Northern and Middle Neck counties, only a small percentage of the county’s historic buildings and landscapes are actually listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Estie Thomas reports from Virginia Outdoor Foundation

Many landowners use trusts as estate planning tools to help pass family land down through generations. However, based on recent Internal Revenue Service activity, certain trusts may not be entitled to a charitable contribution deduction when a conservation easement is placed on land held in a trust.

Do you need some cash but don’t want to sell your farm or borrow against it? A conservation easement may be an excellent way to extract some cash from your property. There are several significant tax benefits for donating a conservation easement.

Dear Friends,

The year 2012 has seen the ECCA growing and evolving while upholding its mission to “promote and protect the rural character of Essex County–preserving farms, forests, natural, and historic resources–for the benefit of future generations.”

With his announced goal of having an additional 400,000 acres placed in conservation easement during his term Governor McDonnell’s Department of Conservation and Recreation has recently announced the addition of John D. Mitchell to their Land Conservation Team.

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